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To help you get started with your plan, review this Checklist for Preparing a Business Plan. Also, have a look at the Checklist on How NOT to Write a Business Plan to see the things you should not do!

The following online white papers may be helpful during this preliminary planning:

Getting Business Ideas
Devising Venture Strategies
Developing a Business Strategy

If you do not have a well-considered strategic plan for your business, you may wish to use the free On-Line Strategic Planner to prepare a 2-3 page structured strategic plan as the basis for 3. Mission, Strategies etc within your business plan. To compile a sensible strategic plan, considerable research needs to have been completed particularly on markets, competition and sales potential - see 6. Profiles of Target Markets.

When you are ready to start serious drafting, look at the online white paper entitled Writing a Business Plan for further suggestions. We recommend that you also view the online paper offering Insights into Business Planning to get some very practical guidance on lots of key issues connected with the preparation of a plan – different types of plans, page lengths, elapsed time, importance, difficulties and so on. It reflects the views of a substantial number of people who have written their own plans and it is well worth checking out.

If you would prefer to use purpose-made business planning software instead of Free-Plan, consider purchasing the Plan Write Business Planner. This package integrates word processing, outliner, financial planner and charting with extensive on-line help about business planning. It would be especially suitable for first-time business planners, smaller businesses and many professional advisers. A related product, Plan Write Expert Planner also includes an expert system for evaluating business ideas as part of the process of drafting a plan. More details on these and other planning software can be secured at Business Planning Software.

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