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Welcome to Free-Plan, a detailed Guide and Template for preparing a business plan compiled and distributed as freeware by PlanWare.

Free-Plan comprises:

1.This online help file (FREE-PLAN_GUIDE.CHM) which contains the Guide along with related material.
2.An Adobe Acrobat version (FREE-PLAN_GUIDE.PDF) of this help file which is suitable for printing. To access this PDF file, you'll need the Acrobat Reader available from
3.The Free-Plan Template (FREE-PLAN_TEMPLATE.DOC) which follows the same structure and sequence as the Guide. To access this file you must use Microsoft Word (97, 2000, XP, 2003 or higher) and you'll need to register to unprotect it.

All the foregoing files will be found in the folder where you installed or unzipped the downloaded Free-Plan EXE or ZIP file. They can also be accessed via Start > Programs > Free-Plan where Free-Plan was installed via the EXE file.

Who Can Use Free-Plan ?

Free-Plan is aimed squarely at new and established businesses seeking to expand, raise finance etc. and which need to produce a comprehensive and well-researched business plan for internal or external use.

While not specifically intended for very small businesses (e.g. annual sales under, say, $250,000), Free-Plan contains many ideas and issues which could be used to produce a basic plan - see Producing a Basic/Short Plan.

For more information on differences between a comprehensive and basic business plan, see the PlanWare online white paper on Insights into Business Planning which reviews the experiences of a large number of business plan writers.

What are the Licensing Arrangements ?

The Free-Plan Business Plan Guide & Template has been supplied on the following basic terms:

Once you have registered and secured a password to unprotect the Free-Plan Template you are free to modify the Template for the purpose of developing a business plan. Once your plan has been drafted, the resultant document and/or file can be freely circulated or distributed as your own work.
A registered, unprotected copy of the Free-Plan Template file is strictly for your personal use. It must not be modified, copied, distributed or circulated as any form or type of business planning template or guide to unregistered users. Prospective users should acquire and register their own copies directly from PlanWare at
For further information, see License Agreements.


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