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Free-Plan’s Business Plan Guide starts here.

The Guide's section headings coincide with those in the Free-Plan Template (FREE-PLAN_TEMPLATE.DOC) which you will find in the same folder as this Guide or which can be accessed via Start > Programs > Free-Plan.

Note: Sample text appears in this format throughout the Guide.


You can freely modify the Free-Plan Template to develop a business plan as soon as you have registered and secured a password (see first page of the Template for instructions). Once your plan has been drafted, the resultant document and/or file can be freely circulated or distributed as your own work. For further information, see License Agreements.

References within the Guide to “For latest information …” refer to an on-line version at which PlanWare will update between releases of Free-Plan.

Before putting “pen to paper”, review Planning to Plan and Using the Free-Plan Template. Also, consider using the Checklist for Preparing a Business Plan and Checklist on How NOT to Write a Business Plan.

As no major section within your plan should exceed 6-8 pages, use Appendices to present detailed or additional information which is summarized or referenced in the body of the plan. This reduces the length of the plan. It also enhances readability and ensures that the reader does not get sucked into excessive detail.

If the appendices are very lengthy, consider binding them into a separate volume. This should make the plan appear less intimidating and creates the opportunity to circulate the plan with or without appendices. If presenting the appendices as a separate volume, be sure to include a cover page (complementing that of the main plan) and a detailed contents list (number all pages in the appendices).

If you only need to produce a basic/short plan, see Producing a Basic/Short Plan.


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