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3. Additional License Terms for Distribution of Freeware Version

FREEWARE DISTRIBUTION. These additional terms apply to distribution of the unregistered freeware version of the SOFTWARE.

DISTRIBUTION. The following may distribute the unregistered freeware version of the SOFTWARE with all its related files without further permission provided they convey a complete and unaltered freeware version of the SOFTWARE and provided they make no claim to ownership of the SOFTWARE:

Private individuals charging no fees.
Members of Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) and other shareware/freeware associations.
Other bona fide shareware & freeware distributors and directories including FTP and WWW sites, user groups, CD-ROM publishers, file-distribution networks etc.

The SOFTWARE and related files must only be distributed as a single archive file including LICENSE.TXT and README.TXT.

BUNDLING. In no case may the SOFTWARE be bundled with hardware or other non-shareware software without prior written permission from Invest-Tech Limited.

VIRUSES. All distribution of the SOFTWARE is further restricted with regard to sources which also distribute virus source code and related virus construction/creation materials. It is unlawful to attach any virus to the SOFTWARE and the SOFTWARE may not be made available on any site, CD-ROM, or with any package which makes available or contains viruses, virus source code, virus construction programs, or virus creation material.

TRANSFERABILITY. Permission to distribute the SOFTWARE is not transferable, assignable, saleable, or franchisable. Each entity wishing to distribute the package must independently satisfy the terms of the distribution license.

REVOKATION. Invest-Tech Limited may revoke any distribution permissions granted here, by notifying you in writing.  All rights not expressly granted here are reserved to Invest-Tech.

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