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Create a page-length table near the very front of the plan, ideally immediately after the contents page, to list all the basic particulars about your business - contact details, regulatory items, names of advisers, principal financiers etc. - as per the example below.


Basic Information about XYZ

Legal name and status of business:



List and indicate positions. Distinguish between exec and non-executive directors.

Address of main office:


Addresses of other offices:


Address of registered office:


Main telephone:


Main fax:


Main e-mail




Name and address of parent company:


Business incorporation/registration date:


Business incorporation/registration number:


Business tax reference number(s):


Insert any other regulatory/license items here


Insert any other regulatory/license items here


Main shareholders:


Professional Advisers:

Give contact names (and positions), full addresses and other details for each below

- Auditors


- Legal advisers


- Bankers


- Patent (IPR) attorneys


- Financial/tax advisers


- Any other key advisers


Insert any other key items here


Insert any other key items here



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