9.4.  Operating Cost Projections

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Segment costs as variable, semi-variable and fixed. Indicate costings for key products/services and specify individual gross margins. Discuss break-even points at operating unit and product levels.

If appropriate, specify unit costs for key inputs such as materials, labor, payroll, power, communications, environmental services etc. and forecast how these might move in the future due to inflation, currency rates etc.

Length & Structure:

The subsections below are for general guidance only. They could result in some undesirable duplication or overlap. Accordingly, you may prefer to:

amalgamate some of them.
use less obtrusive sub-headings like

             Purchases & Materials: Xx

delete all sub-headings and cover all relevant matters in a series of short paragraphs.


For latest information, see the Manufacturing / Operations section in the Business Plan Guide at http://www.planware.org/goperations.htm


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