8.  Technolgy and R&D

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If R&D is relevant to your business, use this section to describe progress to date, plans and resources. Highlight any technological advances or achievements.

Length & Structure:

About 2-3 pages should suffice. Keep under one page for a basic/short plan.
Put all detailed or technical material in an appendix.
The subsections below are for general guidance only. They could result in some undesirable duplication or overlap. Accordingly, you may prefer to:
amalgamate some of them (e.g. R&D Plans and R&D Resources).
use less obtrusive sub-headings like

             R&D Plans: Xx

delete all sub-headings and cover all relevant matters in a series of short paragraphs.


For latest information, see the Technology and R&D section in the Business Plan Guide at http://www.planware.org/gtechnology.htm


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