7.  Marketing Strategies, Sales Plans & Projections

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This section follows on from 6. Profiles of Target Markets and presents your proposed marketing strategies and detailed sales plans and projections.

Length & Structure:

Devote up to 3-5 pages for this section. Allow about two pages for a basic/short plan by covering all key issues below in a series of short paragraphs.
We recommend that you adhere to the suggested subsections to ensure that all key issues are covered.

In simple terms, you need to cover the 4Ps - product, price, place and promotion - and compile detailed revenue and marketing cost projections for inclusion in 11. Financial Projections.

Avoid at all costs, generalized statements like "we aim to achieve xx% of the xx market within three years". Instead, build up your projections from sound analysis and detailed assumptions about sales volumes to be achieved at customer/outlet levels. By way of a conclusion to this section, you could explain that these projections, if realized, could result in specified market shares being attained. To propose that your business will achieve a specified market share without relevant, detailed analysis and planning betrays a very poor appreciation of the basics of business and marketing.

For latest information, see the Marketing Plans & Projections section in the Business Plan Guide at http://www.planware.org/gsales.htm


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