7.1.  Key Marketing Strategies

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The Guide > 7.  Marketing Strategies, Sales Plans & Projections > 7.1.  Key Marketing Strategies

Summarize your proposed high-level marketing and sales strategies for market entry/development by describing the most critical actions and programs. These could include the following:

Key markets e.g. For 200XX we will concentrate on the xx market and in the following year we plan to open outlets in the xx market.
Primary products e.g. From the outset we will offer ten product variations.
Main sales methods e.g. We will use a combination of sales agents and on-line promotion.

You only need to present high-level, scene-setting strategies to explain the fundamentals: use the balance of this section to present the detail.

For latest information, see the Marketing Plans & Projections section in the Business Plan Guide at http://www.planware.org/gsales.htm



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