6.4.  Customers/Users

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Profile customers/users and explain how/why/when/where they buy.

Segment possible customers/users based on their demographics/needs. Review their buying habits and consider the impact of broad economic issues (past and future) on the frequency and value of purchases.

Discuss price, quality, promotional, distribution channel issues etc. and how competitors' offerings are positioned and perceived from a customer/user perspective.

Quantify numbers of prospective customers/users and assess their consumption/ purchase rates (e.g. amount/year, amount/purchase, purchases/year and so on). Indicate how customer/user patterns could change in the future. This should link back to 6.2. Sizes, Segments & Trends.

Present the key findings of any consumer/user research that has been conducted.

Note: Use the foregoing assessments to help clarify and further refine the market segments your business will be targeting. For example, if your business is only targeting the premium end of the market you should sub-divide market segments to take account of this. Likewise, if you are only selling through specialist outlets. Think of this process as being similar to peeling an onion - the more layers you remove, the closer you get to the heart of the matter!

For latest information, see the Target Markets section in the Business Plan Guide at http://www.planware.org/gmarkets.htm


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