5.  Product/Service Descriptions

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Keep descriptions of offerings (products and/or services) relatively short and confine them to broad groups.

Briefly explain what they do and who will use them. Indicate advantages/benefits they offer or the needs they meet. Avoid getting into technical terms and details – put this in appendices. Summarize any product test results and product approvals (secured/needed).

Introduce competing products/services and explain what makes yours special.

Append any brochures or price lists to the plan (as an annex).

Try to add a few pictures to the text and, if practicable, offer to make available a sample product or mock-up. Consider augmenting this with a good-quality video or computer-based slide presentation.

Length & Structure:

Two to four pages should suffice for this section. Confine to one page for a basic/short plan.
The subsections below are for general guidance only. They could result in some undesirable duplication or overlap. Accordingly, you may prefer to:
amalgamate some of them (e.g. Description & Features).
use less obtrusive sub-headings like

             General Descriptions: Xx

delete all sub-headings and cover all relevant matters in a series of short paragraphs.


For latest information, see the Product/Service section in the Business Plan Guide at http://www.planware.org/gofferings.htm


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