5.3.  Main Benefits

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Identify the main benefits for users of your offerings in terms of savings, convenience, quality and so on. Use bullets to list benefits. Take care to distinguish between features and benefits. For example:


(Related to Real Needs)

Our recorder weighs only 6 oz..

Our recorder can be carried in a pocket.

Our software includes extensive wizards, online help and manuals.

Our software is easy-to-use and well-supported.

Our holiday homes have dishwashers, washing machines, dryers etc.

Our holiday homes are fully equipped with labor-saving appliances.

Our vehicles have anti-roll bars, air cushions and four-point belts.

Our vehicles are extremely safe.


For some industrial products, it may be worthwhile including a (simple) cost-benefit or return on investment analysis. For example, explain how customers could get a payback on their investment within xx months/years as a result of using your offerings.

Some further considerations:

1.Demonstrate that your offerings fulfill a real (rather than perceived) need in such a way that their benefits are attractive to customers/users. This is your value proposition.
2.If you cannot address either an unresolved "pain" or "longing" that prospective customers are currently experiencing then it is doubtful whether they will see the benefits of your offerings.
3.Identify your offerings' Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in terms of benefits that you can easily and persuasively communicate to prospective customers/users.
4.Throughout the balance of your plan, strive to sustain these USPs by maintaining worthwhile competitive advantages through marketing, cost control, innovation, delivery, performance, quality or whatever.

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