4.2.1.  Sales & Marketing

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Use simple tables to help summarize historic sales growth, customer/product segmentation, market shares, key product volumes, prices achieved etc.

Here is a simple table showing historic sales:

Table X Sales Analysis (20XX-20XX)

Years to end xxMonth:




20XX *

Product AA





Product BB





Product CC





Total sales





Growth rate ( per year)





* First six months are actuals. Estimates used for last six months.

In addition, charts can be very effective at summarizing data:

Chart X: Sales Analysis 20XX 20XX ($000)

Explain key marketing/sales strategies and tactics. Describe major events in relation to marketing, sales, distribution, promotion, sales management, agencies/partners and so on. Place details in appendices.

Be sure to mention the general economic climate and the performance of competitors during the review period.

Indicate the current order book in value/volume terms and/or relative to capacity, and offer a view on the immediate outlook (i.e. over the next six months) for the business and its main markets.

For latest information, see the Present Status section in the Business Plan Guide at http://www.planware.org/gpresent.htm


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