3.5.  SWOTs

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SWOTs (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) are mentioned here to highlight the importance of addressing them in the 3.6. Strategies subsection that follows.

What are the business’s real SWOTs?

Be very honest about identifying any major strengths, weaknesses and threats and justify opportunities based on market analysis and research rather than on wishful thinking or supposition.











It may not be appropriate to tabulate SWOTs within the final version of your plan in view of the fact that your proposed strategies are designed to resolve shortcomings identified in this table. One solution would be to add a closing subsection to this main section to serve as a wrap-up statement (or an overall assessment) that describes how the proposed strategies/plans will:

built on the business's key strengths (name them),
resolve its internal weaknesses (name the areas),
fully exploit its external opportunities (identify them) and
avoid major external threats (explain how).

Alternatively, an item along these lines could be included as part of the overall 14. Conclusion towards the back of the plan.

For further guidance, see the online white papers on Devising Venture Strategies and Developing a Business Strategy.

Also, have a look at the free On-Line Strategic Planner that could be used to help draft this entire section as illustrated by the Sample Strategic Plan.

For latest information, see the Mission, Strategies section in the Business Plan Guide at http://www.planware.org/gstrategies.htm


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