3.4.  Objectives

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Briefly, explain the promoters' (or shareholders', management's) underlying long-term objectives in setting up (or expanding) the business. For example:

Get rich?
Build a big business?
Support local community?
Develop a natural resource?
Mobilize help for a deprived group?
Create a pension fund for managers?
Create employment for self or others?
Exploit an invention?
Diversify or integrate?
Get a stock market quote?
Defend or enhance the business?

For further guidance, see the online white paper on Developing a Business Strategy.

Also, have a look at the free On-Line Strategic Planner that could be used to help draft this entire section as illustrated by the Sample Strategic Plan.

For latest information, see the Mission, Strategies section in the Business Plan Guide at http://www.planware.org/gstrategies.htm


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