3.1.  Vision

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Describe what your business will look like in, say, five years time. Indicate its likely size and the nature, breadth and depth of its operations etc. For example, start your vision with the following:

By 20XX, Xyz will be engaged in xx (activities). It will be selling xx (offerings) to a customer base comprising xx. It expects to have staff of xx mainly engaged in xx (activities) and located at xx. Annual sales could be xx and net income could reach xx. A key feature of  Xyz will be its emphasis on xx to maintain its competitive advantage. And so on .....


For further guidance, see the online white paper on Developing a Business Strategy.

Also, have a look at the free On-Line Strategic Planner that could be used to help draft this entire section as illustrated by the Sample Strategic Plan.

For latest information, see the Mission, Strategies section in the Business Plan Guide at http://www.planware.org/gstrategies.htm


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