1.  Introduction to Plan

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This is the first section within the body of your plan. Use it to introduce the plan.

Do not summarize the plan here: instead write this in the 2. Summary of Plan section once the entire plan has been finalized.

Length & Structure:

This entire section should fit onto one page for all types of plans.

The Introduction to Plan could cover the following matters.

Briefly introduce the business entity (company, partnership, sole trader etc.) to which your plan refers. Use a maximum of two sentences to explain what the business does or plans to do. For example:

This business plan relates to Xyz Inc which was established in 20XX and is engaged in the production, distribution and sale of frozen yogurt within the xx State.


Explain the purpose of or reason for the plan (e.g. guide management, raise funds etc.). For example:

The purpose of this plan is to help management raise $ XYZ,000 in equity and loans to help finance expansion of distribution into adjacent territories and R&D on new products.


Indicate who wrote the plan and when. Mention any key external help secured from researchers, consultants etc. For example:

It was compiled by Xyz's management team led by Mr. XX, CEO, and assisted by ABC Financial Consultants during February-June 20XX.


Outline the scope and general structure of the plan by setting out the sequence of main sections as short bullet points like:

This plan is laid out as follows:

Section 2 below contains a summary of the plan.
Sections 3 and 4 review the background, development of the business and current product service/ offerings respectively.
And so on .....


Indicate that the plan is confidential etc. For example, include a paragraph like the following:

This document is confidential and has been made available to the individual to whom it is addressed strictly on the understanding that its contents will not be disclosed or discussed with any third parties except for the individual's own professional advisers. Investment in new and small businesses carries high risks as well as the possibility of high rewards. It is highly speculative and potential investors should be aware that no established market exists for the trading of shares in private companies. Prospective investors are advised to verify all material facts and to take advice from a professional adviser before entering into any commitments. This plan is strictly for information only and does not constitute a prospectus or an invitation to subscribe for shares. Forward-looking projections and statements in the plan have been compiled by the promoters for illustrative purposes and do not constitute profit forecasts. The eventual outcome may be more or less favorable than that portrayed.


If necessary, get professional advice on more appropriate wording. If confidentiality is important, add a 'slot' for numbering all copies of the plan to its Cover Page and maintain a distribution register.

Give contact details (name, position, address, phone, fax and e-mail) for the key person dealing with the plan.

For latest information, see the Introduction section in the Business Plan Guide at http://www.planware.org/gintro.htm



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