14.  Conclusion

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Use this section to wrap up your plan and leave the reader with a warm and positive view of the business and its plans.

Length & Structure:

Confine this section to a few carefully drafted paragraphs and write it when your plan is almost complete.

Having reached the end of your plan, review the 3. Mission, Strategies etc. to ensure that its contents are fully reflected throughout the plan. If not, then either change the details and/or the strategies to eliminate divergences or plug gaps.

Review what the business expects to achieve. Indicate why it will succeed and why investors should support it. Be very positive and confident to encourage favorable reactions. Maybe, you could draw on some of the strengths and opportunities described in 3.5. SWOTs.

Key questions to ask at this "wrap up" stage include:

1.Has the Table of Contents been updated and are pages numbered?
2.Has the plan been spell checked in its final form?
3.Is the plan's length appropriate to its purpose?
4.Have the business's funding needs, if appropriate, been clearly stated?
5.Does the plan's summary stimulate interest?
6.Have all key questions been anticipated?
7.What likely objections remain unresolved?
8.Will the plan provoke the desired responses?

Tip: Get someone to read a near-final draft plan to check that it makes good business sense, reads well and is clear. Ideally, that "someone" should be a detached, independent person involved in business with experience of your industry and/or business planning. Hopefully, they will be able to see "wood from the trees" better than you can. Do not be resentful of any criticism - use it to improve the next draft. If your plan is lengthy or important, anticipate several drafts.

Have a look at the Checklist on How NOT to Write a Business Plan to ensure that you have not made any serious errors in preparing your plan.

To help finalize your plan, review the Checklist for Preparing a Business Plan. You may also wish to look back at the online white papers on Writing a Business Plan and Insights into Business Planning.


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