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Having completed 11. Financial Projections, you may have identified a significant funding need that cannot be bridged from your own resources (and those of your relatives, friends, colleagues, credit cards, local bank manager and so on) or generated by the business.

If seeking equity, loans or  equity/loan combination, use this section to present your needs and proposals. Keep it factual and avoid any "over-the-top" hyping of your business as the greatest investment ever!

If planning to raise equity from venture capital or "angel" sources, allow adequate time to raise it. Depending on the amount needed and track record of the promoters/business, this will take several months and tie up significant management resources throughout - brace yourself for several re-drafts of the business plan and revisions to the financials.

Length & Structure:

This entire section need not exceed a page or so.
The subsections below are for general guidance only. You may prefer to:
use less obtrusive sub-headings like

             Funding Requirements: Xx

delete all them and cover all relevant matters in a series of short paragraphs within this section.

For help with financial projections and determining funding requirements, see Financial Projections with Exl-Plan.

For latest information, see the Funding section in the Business Plan Guide at http://www.planware.org/gfunding.htm


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