11.4.  Balance Sheet Projections

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When presenting projected balance sheets, you will need to include an opening balance sheet that has been based on audited figures (for last year) or estimated data (for current year). If your business is a pure start-up, its opening balance sheet may contain no values.

Here is an example of a projected balance sheet table and commentary:

The following table presents summary opening and five-year balance sheets for Any Company Inc.:


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It is fully-integrated and linked to cashflow forecasts and projected income statements.
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These summary balance sheets show that:

Owners' equity will increase from 109,000 to $471,000 over the five years.
Total assets will increase from $267,000 to $964,000 by January 20XX.
Any Company Inc. will be solvent throughout the five years.


Note that the projected balance sheets must link back into the projected income statements and cashflow projections. The owners' equity should reflect the transfers to reserves in 11.2. Income (P&L) Projections and the cash movements and balances must tie in with the cash flow projections in 11.3. Cashflow Projections.

For help with producing linked financial projections, see Financial Projections with Exl-Plan.

For latest information, see the Financial Projections section in the Business Plan Guide at http://www.planware.org/gfinancials.htm


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