Using Formulae Instead of Values

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By inserting formulae instead of values within the unprotected, cream assumption rows within assumption reports, it is possible to reduce the number of values to be entered every time the model is altered.  For example:

Formulae could be used to determine the direct labor headcount in Assumptions Report No. 2 by linking sales projections in Assumptions Report No. 1 to projected labor output rates and using appropriate formulae in Assumptions report No. 2. As a result, every change in sales would be automatically reflected in production headcount levels.
A formula could be used to repeat a constant assumption value entered for the first year across cells for each subsequent year.

The scope for using formulae is considerable. For example, they could be used to handle foreign currency transactions by inserting additional schedules for projected sales in local currencies and adding a further row for projected  exchange rates to convert these values to the currency used throughout Exl-Plan.

When using formulae instead of values, avoid creation of circular calculations which may become evident if Exl-Plan apparently fails to update even after pressing the F9 function key etc.

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