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Exl-Plan is supplied under license to users strictly on an as is basis. Once a user gets Exl-Plan to load satisfactorily, PlanWare - Invest-Tech considers its role and commitment as supplier to have concluded. This limitation is due to the very open nature of Exl-Plan and the difficulties involved in assisting users who may have altered Exl-Plan, either intentionally or by accident. However, PlanWare - Invest-Tech will provide support to registered bona fide users for three months (and longer at its discretion) to ensure that, in the unlikely event of problems arising, these are kept to the minimum and are quickly resolved.  This support is primarily intended to cover the following:

Initial macro failures.
Calculation errors where the layout, logic, formulae, worksheet & range names and macros in Exl-Plan have NOT been altered by the user.
Guidance to users encountering unexpected results when entering assumptions in an unaltered model.

Sources of Help

The primary sources of help and support for Exl-Plan Free include:

README.DOC file within the EXLB* folder where you installed Exl-Plan.*
Online Help (see note below).
Manual (PDF format) for Exl-Plan within in the EXLB* folder where you installed Exl-Plan.*
Frequently Asked Questions for Newcomers and Users at <>.
Online demos and other material within Exl-Plan Support at <>.

* Also accessible via Start > Programs > Exl-Plan Free

Before contacting PlanWare - Invest-Tech about a possible problem or error, a user should carefully check foregoing sources for guidance.  When seeking help, please provide precise details of the events leading up to the difficulty; indicate the hardware system being used; and describe any changes made to Exl-Plan. In some circumstances it may be necessary to forward a copy of the XLS file, in strictest confidence, to PlanWare - Invest-Tech for detailed examination.


The online help provided with Exl-Plan is in two formats as follows:

1.As a HTML Help system which is automatically used if Exl-Plan detects that it is being loaded with Excel 2000 or a later release of Excel.
2.As a WinHelp system which is automatically used if Exl-Plan detects that it is being loaded with Excel 97 or an earlier release of Excel.

Future Developments

PlanWare - Invest-Tech cannot support Exl-Plan users who acquire future releases of Excel on the grounds that Exl-Plan cannot be future-proofed to anticipate any incompatibilities or changes introduced in future releases of Excel by Microsoft. However, it does intend to upgrade and enhance Exl-Plan in step with new releases of Excel. These upgrades will be offered to existing users at discounted prices. If users of Exl-Plan upgrade their version of Excel, they should retain their earlier release of Excel until (a) they are completely satisfied that Exl-Plan runs satisfactorily with the new release of Excel or (b) they have upgraded Exl-Plan to match the new release of Excel.

Other Planning Products

Exl-Plan is one product in a very wide range of stand-alone and spreadsheet-based business planning software packages developed by PlanWare - Invest-Tech. Latest information on products, access to downloadable shareware versions and general advice on many aspects of business planning and development are available at <>.

PlanWare - Invest-Tech welcomes feedback from users and invites suggestions for improving and extending Exl-Plan.

You may wish to progress to a more powerful version of Exl-Plan for the purpose of generating more detailed monthly and quarterly multi-year projections and to gain access to a range of powerful planning tools for "what-ifs" sensitivity analyses, profitability improvement etc. For detailed descriptions, visit <> and for trial copy downloads go to <>.

Contacting PlanWare - Invest-Tech

PlanWare - Invest-Tech can be contacted as follows:

PlanWare - Invest-Tech Limited, 27 Ardmeen Park. Blackrock, Co Dublin, Ireland

Tel: 283 4083

Fax: 278 2391

       Dial codes: IRL: 01-   UK: 00-353-1-   US: 011-353-1-   Other:  +353-1-

Web: <>

Email: <>

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