Structuring a Model

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Exl-Plan can be structured to suit almost any type of manufacturing, distribution or service business. For new users, the best approach is to start using Exl-Plan exactly as supplied and then to make progressive changes according as experience is acquired and needs become clearer. Refer to Making Simple Changes for guidance on making very simple but highly effective modifications to Exl-Plan.

For most users, it is not practicable to alter the layout of Exl-Plan's reports by moving or radically changing rows etc. Instead, where special reports are required for presentation purposes or to conform to in-house layouts, the simplest solution is to create separate specially-created reports immediately below the supplied reports. See Changing Report Layouts for detailed guidance.

Provided that their meanings remain consistent with the formulae built into Exl-Plan, variable descriptions in column A of many worksheet reports can be readily changed to suit a particular business's terminology. See Changing the Name of an Existing Variable.

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