Setting up Exl-Plan

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Using Exl-Plan > Model-Building Procedure > Detailed Guidance on Generating Projections > Setting up Exl-Plan

The steps in setting up Exl-Plan are as follows:

1.Load WORKPLAN.XLS (or TESTPLAN.XLS) and immediately re-save it using an appropriate new file name e.g. as XYZ-1.XLS.
2.Enter basic information about the business via the Basic Model Information dialog (*Tools/Setup > Enter Basic Model Info) as follows:

Enter the business's (not the software licensee's) name.
Indicate whether the business is a corporation or sole trader/partnership.
Specify the format - US/Canadian or UK/International - to use. This will result in unused worksheets being hidden - see Important Note at Making Complex Changes for more information about these worksheets.
Specify the year relating to the first month to be covered by the projections.
Select the first month to be covered by the projections.
Specify the currency symbol to be used throughout the model (preferably use a single character such as $, , etc.).
Indicate the primary currency denomination (units, 000s, Mln or Bn) to be used.


3.After pressing Done, this data will be automatically entered throughout the model and the appropriate dates will be entered into all report headings, chart titles etc. If using multiple currencies, empty rows below assumption reports can be used to handle mixed currencies and their conversion into the model’s base currency (refer to Making Simple Changes to Exl-Plan).
When Exl-Plan's format is changed via the Basic Model Information dialog it automatically hides unused worksheets for the US/Canadian or UK/International format as appropriate. These hidden worksheets which can be viewed via Format > Sheet > Unhide... should not be deleted as the US/Canadian worksheets feed data into the UK/International worksheets.
4.Give the new model a title, for example First Attempt, using *Tools/Setup > Enter Model Title. This will be inserted automatically in the footer of each printed report.
5.Use the *Tools/Setup > Clear All Assumption Reports menu command to remove all unprotected assumption values throughout the model. Exl-Plan will advise if it detects any assumptions that could not be automatically cleared (see Erasing Existing Values for further information).

See also Quik-Start at the Start worksheet and the Online Tutorials on Get the Basics and How to Get Started.

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