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This topic explains how to register Exl-Plan Free and Free-Plan, a business plan guide and template accompanying Exl-Plan.

Registering Exl-Plan Free

No fee is required to register Exl-Plan Free. In return for registration, you will receive an unique Upgrade Code Number which will unlock your copy of Free. That's it ! No strings attached.

To register, you need to install and run Exl-Plan Free and get the unique Registration Code Number from the top right corner of its FRONT worksheet (see diagram below).


Then, select from the following alternative methods:

1.Send e-mail to <> quoting your Registration Code Number in the body of the message.
2.Visit PlanWare's site at <> and enter your Registration Code Number in the form there.
3.Send a fax to +353-1-278 2391 quoting the Registration Code Number. Note: Replace + in this fax number by the appropriate international access code (e.g. 011 for the USA, 00 for the UK and many other countries).

In normal circumstances an Unlock Code Number will be dispatched within twelve hours or less depending on the time of day, time zone and day of week. If a response has not been secured within 36 hours, double-check your e-mail address and submit a further registration request.

Registering Free-Plan - Note: If you register Exl-Plan Free, there is no need to separately register for Free-Plan.

Included with this copy of Exl-Plan is a copy of Free-Plan, a freeware business planning guide and template for Word 97, 2000 and XP. It is located in the same folder as was specified during the initial installation of Exl-Plan and can be accessed via an option within the Exl-Plan Free menu.

To utilise Free-Plan, you need to register (see next paragraph). Registration is completely free ($0.0). However, if you register Exl-Plan Free, there is no need to separately register for Free-Plan.

If you don't wish to register Exl-Plan Free, then you can register Free-Plan by sending a special serial number in the body of an e-mail to <> or by using an online form at <>. You will find this serial number inside the box/table on the first page of FREEPLAN.DOC once you have opened it with Microsoft Word (see diagram below). Note: With earlier releases of Free-Plan and Biz-Plan, this box will only become visible once Word has been set to View | PageLayout (Word 6, 95 or 97) or View | Print Layout (Word 2000, XP or 2003).

The extensive information contained within the body of Free-Plan can be viewed without registering.

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