Reducing Detail in Assumptions & Reports

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If Exl-Plan appears to demand too much or too detailed information, don't worry as Exl-Plan will run satisfactorily with minimal data. A balanced opening balance sheet (in worksheet BalSheets) is essential but after that you only need to enter forecasts in relevant rows in the assumption reports.

Before printing Output Reports, you can use an Exl-Plan facility to suppress the printing of empty rows (*Tools/Setup > No Empty Rows Printed) to make these reports concise and more relevant to your business.

If desired, you can easily hide unused rows within Exl-Plan’s assumption reports. To do this, unprotect the appropriate worksheet (*Protection or U toolbar button), display the row/column headers (via Tools > Options . select View tab and tick Row & column header) and then select the rows to be hidden. 

Do not under any circumstances, delete rows. See Changing Report Layouts for guidance on restructuring Exl-Plan's output reports.

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