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Exl-Plan's *Print menus and its print-related toolbar buttons allow users to group reports for batch printing as well as to print individual reports.

When viewing reports on screen or in print, ###### symbols signify a cell overflow due to values exceeding the width of cells. Only consider widening columns to resolve this as a last resort because of the adverse impact on the width of printed reports. Instead, try the following options first:

Increase the zoom value for the report in the expectation that the cell overflows only arise on the screen and not in printed reports.
Reduce the number of decimal places displayed.
Remove any bold formatting from the 'problem' numbers.
Change number formatting to remove the comma separator (as in 1,000,000).

There is an option in the *Tools/Setup menu to specify whether empty rows (containing values totaling to zero) are printed within output (but not assumption) reports. This is very effective at suppressing unused variables. This facility does not operate if a report is being printed via the 'Print this sheet' toolbar button.

To toggle the page size for all Exl-Plan printed reports between Letter and A4, use the options within the *Tools/Setup menu. Other changes can be made to the page setup for individual reports via File > Page Setup.

The default orientation is portrait for most of Exl-Plan’s reports. Usually, it is more satisfactory to print reports with this orientation and, if necessary, to subsequently enlarge them using a photocopier rather than to print with landscape (with Page Setup Scaling set to Fit to 1 page wide) and then having to assemble and duplicate reports dispersed over several sheets. If necessary, change orientation to landscape using File > Page Setup > Page.

See Frequently Asked Questions for Users at <> for further guidance on printing issues - use the browser to search this page for the word "print".

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