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Setting Up Excel & Registering
Setting Up Excel to Run Exl-Plan
Registering Exl-Plan Free and Free-Plan
Very Quick Start
Installation of Exl-Plan
Familiarization with Exl-Plan
Building New Projections
Online Tutorials
How to Set Up Excel & Register
How to Get the Basics
How to Get Started
Welcome to Exl-Plan
Exl-Plan Help
About PlanWare - Invest-Tech
Financial Modeling & Business Planning
Computers & Modeling
Uses of a Model
Preparing to Plan
Pitfalls & Dangers
Introducing the Exl-Plan Range
Exl-Plan Range
Scope of Exl-Plan Range
Facilities & Features of Exl-Plan Range
Assumptions Handled by Exl-Plan Range
Sales, Cost, Inventory & Expense Assumptions
Fixed Asset, Investment & Financing Assumptions
Credit & Input/output Tax Assumptions
Loading Exl-Plan for First Time
Getting Orientated with Exl-Plan
Familiarization Exercise
Lists of Reports & Charts
Manual Recalculation
Protecting Your Work
Reducing Detail
Zoom Settings
Fast Entry of Assumptions
Exl-Plan’s Toolbar
Freezing Titles
Changing View of Reports
Pasting Data into Word
Using Exl-Plan
Starting to Use Exl-Plan
Erasing Existing Values
Gathering & Entering Assumptions
Structuring a Model
Model-Building Procedure
Summary of Procedure for Generating Projections
Detailed Guidance on Generating Projections
Setting up Exl-Plan
Entering Assumptions
Entering Prior-Year Income Statement & Opening Balance Sheet
Completing the Projections
Avoiding Calculation Errors
One or more balance sheets are unbalanced!
Opening balance sheet is unbalanced!
Some formulae are generating errors!
The two sub-models are not producing identical results!
Doing Sensitivity Analyses
Guidance on Entering Assumptions
Assumptions Report No. 1 - Sales Forecasts
Assumptions Report No. 2 - Materials/Goods, Other Direct Costs & Purchases
Assumptions Report No. 3 - Overhead Expenses
Assumptions Report No. 4 - Fixed Assets
Assumptions Report No. 5 - Funding, Interest Rates & Related Items
Assumptions Report No. 6 - Sales & Related Taxes
Assumptions Report No. 7 - Year-End Credit Balances
Opening Balance Sheet
Prior-Year Income Statement
Changing Exl-Plan
Making Simple Changes
Changing the Name of an Existing Variable
Plugging New Variables into an Existing Variable
Extending the Power of Plugging In
Using Formulae Instead of Values
Changing Report Layouts
Changing Column Widths
Combining Simple Changes
Making Complex Changes
General Procedure for Complex Changes
Inserting an Additional Expense Item
Inserting a New Balance Sheet Item
Deleting a Row
Extending Exl-Plan
Support & Assistance
License Agreements
License Agreement for Commercial/Registered Version
Additional License Terms for Unregistered Shareware ("Trial") & Freeware Versions
Additional License Terms for Distribution of Shareware  ("Trial") & Freeware Versions

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