Making Simple Changes

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Changing Exl-Plan > Making Simple Changes

These topics explain how simple but highly effective changes can be made to Exl-Plan by users with only minimal expertise with Excel:

Changing the Name of an Existing Variable
Plugging New Variables into an Existing Variable
Extending the Power of Plugging In
Using Formulae Instead of Values
Changing Report Layouts
Changing Column Widths
Combining Simple Changes


Note that the *Tools/Setup > Clear All Assumption Reports or *Tools/Setup > Clear Current Assumption Report menu commands only remove assumption values in unlocked cells within assumption reports. To use this facility after adding new assumption rows or new blocks of assumption values, the newly added cells must be unlocked (using the *Protection > Unlock Range option or the "unlock" toolbar button) to enable their assumption values to be cleared by the foregoing commands.


If extensive changes are needed to Exl-Plan Free, or if greater detail or monthly projections are required, consider acquiring a more powerful version. See Introducing the Exl-Plan Range.


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