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The methods described in Making Simple Changes should be used wherever possible in preference to making any of the following more complex changes:

General Procedure for Complex Changes
Inserting an Additional Expense Item
Inserting a New balance Sheet Item
Deleting a Row


To alter the basic structure, logic etc. of Exl-Plan, proceed on a step-by-step basis with great care to avoid possible knock-on errors etc.  For example, if a completely new type of variable needs to be added to an assumptions report, it may also be necessary to change several output reports.

Only users who are very familiar with both Exl-Plan and Excel should undertake these structural changes. Substantial changes should be made only when strictly necessary and where workarounds based on the simpler solutions described in Making Simple Changes are likely to be much easier and quicker to implement.

As it can take much more time to test changes than to make them in the first instance, complex changes should only be introduced when adequate time is available to fully test the altered model and to check that existing formulae have not been disrupted. While Exl-Plan's error-trapping facilities will help locate mathematical errors, they will never detect mistakes created by faulty logic etc.


If extensive changes are needed to Exl-Plan Free, or if greater detail or monthly projections are required, consider acquiring a more powerful version. See Introducing the Exl-Plan Range.


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