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Exl-Plan's Reports

Exl-Plan's main deliverables are classified as assumption and output reports as follows:

Assumption Reports:

Sales Forecasts
Materials/Goods, Other Direct Costs & Purchases
Overhead Expenses
Fixed Assets
Funding, Interest Rates & Related Items
Sales & Related Taxes
Year-End Credit Balances

Output Reports:

Income Statements (with prior year actual/estimated) (Profit & Loss Accounts*)
Cashflow Projections (with notes)
Cashflow Statements
Balance Sheets (with opening balance sheet) (Balance Sheets*)
Ratio Analysis
Check Balances Report
Textual Summary Report (Textual Summary Report*)

* Separate reports for US/Canadian and UK/International editions

Exl-Plan's Charts

Exl-Plan automatically generates the following charts:

Fig 1. Sales Analysis
Fig 2. Sales & Income (P&L)
Fig 3. Cost/Expense Analysis
Fig 4. Key Indicators
Fig 5. Cashflow
Fig 6. Headcount
Fig 7. Cost of Sales Trend
Fig 8. Gross Margin Contributions
Fig 9. Financial Ratios
Fig 10. Working Capital
Fig.14. Capital Expenditure & Disposals

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