Changing Exl-Plan

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Whilst many users will use Exl-Plan exactly as supplied, others may wish to take advantage of their Excel expertise to tailor or extend it to meet specific requirements.

These topics will guide users on making simple and complex changes to Exl-Plan respectively and they also describe how Exl-Plan can be extended to provide additional facilities for planning and managing a business.

Some general advice:

Never delete or alter the supplied range or worksheet names or interfere with the macros supplied with Exl-Plan. See Protecting Your Work.
When starting to change an Exl-Plan model, always work off an error-free copy.
Whenever a model has been changed or extended, always fully test it to ensure that the changes work as intended and have no undesirable knock-on consequences.
When making large-scale changes, use *Protection > Unprotect All Worksheets to disable protection throughout the model, or use *Protection > Unprotect This Worksheet to remove protection from the current report. See Protecting Your Work.
*Protection > Unlock Range can be used to unlock a selected range.
Having removed protection to make changes within a workbook, always restore protection as soon as practicable.

Users should never alter Exl-Plan's toolbar, buttons, dialog boxes, macro modules, range names or worksheet names. If these are changed in any way, either by accident or design, PlanWare - Invest-Tech cannot accept any responsibility for support or give help with restoration of a modified file. It is a user's responsibility to ensure that a fully intact copy of Exl-Plan is always available as a backup or fall back.


If extensive changes are needed to Exl-Plan Free, or if greater detail or monthly projections are required, consider acquiring a more powerful version. See Introducing the Exl-Plan Range.


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