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Exl-Plan is licensed for use on one computer or at one network node belonging to the organization/individual named on the front worksheet. However, a registered user is permitted to use a single registered copy of Exl-Plan on a desktop PC and, exclusively, on their own Notebook computer.

Licenses for multiple copies of Exl-Plan are available from PlanWare - Invest-Tech. DO NOT copy Exl-Plan for unlicensed users or sites, associated organizations, clients, customers, etc. This is expressly prohibited and could result in prosecution.  DO NOT alter the contents of the front worksheet or modules under any circumstances. Use of Exl-Plan indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions. For details, see License Agreements.


These topics are relevant to all new users. They offer general advice on Starting to Use Exl-Plan and then explain the Model-Building Procedure in detail as follows:


Starting to Use Exl-Plan:


Erasing Existing Values
Gathering & Entering Assumptions
Structuring a Model


Model-Building Procedure:


Summary of Procedure for Generating Projections
Detailed Guidance on Generating Projections:


oSetting Up Exl-Plan
oEntering Assumptions
oEntering Prior-Year Income Statement & Opening Balance Sheet
oCompleting Projections


Avoiding Calculation Errors
Doing Sensitivity Analyses


See also Very Quick Start and Online Tutorials.

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