Inserting an Additional Expense Item

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To insert an additional annual expense item (where it is not practical to rename an existing expense item or to plug into an existing item), a new row must be inserted for the item in the appropriate assumptions report as well as in the Cashflow Projections.

If, for example, it is essential to insert a new variable within a specific overhead expense category (such as Selling expenses or General expenses), proceed as indicated below.

1.Go to Assumptions Report No. 3 - Overhead Expenses and remove its protection. Insert a new row immediately below an existing variable within the relevant overhead expense category.  Enter the new variable's name and annual values.
2.Edit the first year's formula for total expenses for the overhead expense category to embrace the new row and then copy this formula across the two years.
3.Insert a new row in the Cashflow Projections Report immediately below the row for the pre-existing variable referred to in Point 1 above. Enter appropriate formulae linked to the assumptions.
4.The new expense item may also need to be included in the input/output tax calculation formulae in Assumptions Report No. 6 in the row entitled Total tax on non-payroll expenses.
5.If the new row relates to an additional employment category, it will be necessary to ensure that related payroll/benefit costs are included in Income Statements and that the formulae for calculating payroll/benefit in the Cashflow Projections are adjusted. Formulae in the Ratio Analysis Report used to calculate average number of employees would also need to be revised.

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