General Procedure for Complex Changes

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When making any substantial changes to Exl-Plan, always adhere to the general procedure indicated below.

1.Confirm that the initial model has no calculation errors.
2.Save and back up the original model before it is modified and give a new file name to the model that is about to be changed.
3.Think through the planned changes from a financial perspective by assessing their impacts on income statements, cashflows, balance sheets and their possible consequences for the model.
4.Complete major changes one at a time.
5.Test each change by using dummy values that can be readily recognized, for example, 1000.
6.Always recalculate using Exl-Plan's *Tools/Setup > Calculate All & Check menu command or the "C" button in order to avail of its error-trapping facilities.
7.Eliminate errors as soon as detected and confirm that no calculation or formulae errors exist before starting the next change.
8.Check that the changes give the desired or expected results by experimenting with very large positive (and negative, where appropriate) values.

Use the Check Balances Report (Check worksheet) to help identify any errors resulting from changes.  Also, refer to the CHECK balance sheets balance rows immediately below the Balance Sheet Reports to locate possible errors. Compare the output of the altered model with that of the original to help locate errors and to check calculations and results.


Exl-Plan Free accommodates both US/Canadian and UK/International formats by hiding or unhiding the following worksheets based on the format specified by the user when using the Basic Model Information dialog (*Tools/Setup > Enter Basic Model Info). Hidden worksheets can be viewed via Format > Sheet > Unhide... They should not be deleted as the US/Canadian worksheets feed data into the UK/International worksheets. This means that for some complex changes, modifications should be made to the US/Canadian and UK/International worksheets.

US/Canadian Edition










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