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The more powerful versions of Exl-Plan  - Micro, Lite, Pro, Super, Super Plus, Ultra and Ultra Plus - contain dozens of pre-formatted and protected worksheets incorporating thousands of formulae, assumption values etc. Its facilities and features include the following:

1.Once loaded, Exl-Plan automatically extends Excel's menu system and adds its own toolbar.
2.Quik-Plan enables a user to produce first-cut projections for three (five for Pro, Super, Super Plus, Ultra & Ultra Plus versions) years quickly (i.e. within about 15 minutes).
3.Facilities for inserting constant and varying monthly values and for entering assumptions based on seasonal patterns etc. specified by the user.
4.Selective what-if or sensitivity analysis covering months and quarters for the three (five) years.
5.Sensitivity analysis tool for globally changing selling prices, volumes, direct costs and overhead expenses for months and quarters.
6.Automatically generated what-if tables which display the impact of incremental changes in sales volumes, selling prices, cost of sales and overhead expenses on projected profitability for the first year.
7.Profitability chart based on the first-year projections which also allows a user to explore the impact of specific changes in key variables and assumptions on overall profitability.
8.Initial twelve-week cashflow forecasts derived from monthly cashflow projections for the first year.
9.Facility to produce updated first-year projections of sales and profitability by combining year-to-date actuals with projections for remaining months of the year.
10.Tables to analyze longer term trends (five-years historical plus five-years projected) for key ratios and performance measures.
11.Book-marking facility to allow a user to mark a location within a worksheet and to return quickly to it.
12.Multiple safeguards to protect formulae etc. and help prevent accidental changes being made to worksheets.
13.Full access to worksheets and formulae to facilitate customization and expansion.
14.Error trapping to advise when certain types of calculation errors arise.

More information and trial copy downloads can be secured from PlanWare <http://www.planware.org/exlplan.htm>.

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