Extending the Power of Plugging In

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Logical extensions of the use of simple formulae to plug into existing variables within Exl-Plan include the following:

Inserting new worksheets to incorporate very detailed sales projections (for individual products, customers etc.). These could be summarized and plugged into the preset sales groups in Assumptions Report No. 1 using SUM formulae.
Using Copy & Paste Special > Link to pull aggregated sales data from another Excel file into the Exl-Plan model.
Simply copying & pasting values into existing assumption blocks or into specifically designated blocks below assumption reports within Exl-Plan.

The potential to expand Exl-Plan in this way is virtually unlimited. For example, it could be used to incorporate parts explosions, lists of materials, detailed cost analyses, manning levels, capital expenditure schedules and much more.

Using this approach, very detailed or specialized reports can be created and their total values plugged into the rows and variables supplied with Exl-Plan.

You may wish to progress to a more powerful version for the purpose of generating more detailed monthly and quarterly multi-year projections and to gain access to a range of powerful planning tools for "what-ifs" sensitivity analyses, profitability improvement etc. For detailed descriptions, visit <http://www.planware.org/exldesc.htm>  and for trial copy downloads go to <http://www.planware.org/exldown.htm>.

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