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Exl-Plan can be used without modification to create financial projections for a business; assist with the preparation of budgets; or contribute to business appraisal or planning exercises. It provides all the reports normally used for these purposes.

However, it can be extended to perform other functions to assist the planning and management of a business. The following procedure for consolidating projections for a series of subsidiary businesses is presented as an example:

1.Use Exl-Plan to build separate models (i.e. XLS files) for each business to be consolidated. Before starting this process, insert a new worksheet into the "master" file and use it to contain a summary consolidation report incorporating all the elements that need to be consolidated. Typically, each summary consolidation report would comprise the annual income statements, cashflows and balance sheets. See Changing Report Layouts for guidance on creating new reports.
2.In a separate Excel file called the "consolidation file", construct a copy of the summary consolidation report on the first worksheet and insert as many worksheets as there are businesses to be consolidated.
3.Use Copy & Paste Special Link to copy the summary consolidation report for each business to the stacked worksheets behind the first sheet within the consolidation file. Let the first business's report become the second sheet, the second business's report become the third sheet and so on.
4.Within the consolidation file, insert a further worksheet and use it to make adjustments to take account of inter-business trading, foreign currency conversion etc. Use the same layout and structure as for a summary consolidation report.
5.Finally, enter simple SUM formulae in the first worksheet of the consolidation file to aggregate the values in the stacked worksheets.

Where the process of consolidation is very simple, use can also be made of Excel’s Data > Consolidate menu option.


If extensive changes are needed to Exl-Plan Free, or if greater detail or monthly projections are required, consider acquiring a more powerful version. See Introducing the Exl-Plan Range.


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