Erasing Existing Values

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Using Exl-Plan > Starting to Use Exl-Plan > Erasing Existing Values

Rows not needed in assumption reports MUST NOT be deleted.  Instead, they should be left empty or with zero values. Depending on Excel's set-up, zeros may appear as empty spaces.

Note that Exl-Plan offers the option to suppress the printing of unused rows in output reports (*Tools/Setup > No Empty Rows Printed).

To simultaneously erase all assumptions, use the *Tools/Setup > Clear All Assumption Reports or *Tools/Setup > Clear Current Assumption Report menu commands.  Note that these commands ignore:

1.Locked assumption values within assumption reports.
2.Formulae (either locked or unlocked) within these reports.
3.Text (either locked or unlocked) within these reports.

As this approach could lead to a failure to clear all assumptions, Exl-Plan automatically tests whether all assumptions have been successfully removed. A warning message will be issued if it finds that any assumption values have not been removed.

To erase assumption values within an unlocked range (i.e. the blue numbers within the rectangular, cream, boxed-in areas), use the DEL key, or select the range of assumptions to be deleted and use either *Assumptions > Clear Assumptions or its corresponding toolbar button.

To ensure that formulae etc. are not accidentally erased, regularly check that *Protection > Protect All Worksheets is enabled.

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