Entering Prior-Year Income Statement (P&L) & Opening Balance Sheet

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Using Exl-Plan > Model-Building Procedure > Detailed Guidance on Generating Projections > Entering Prior-Year Income Statement & Opening Balance Sheet

The next step is to enter opening data into the prior-year income statement and opening balance sheet as follows:

1.If desired, enter a summary of the prior year's income statement. Use the *Output > Income Statements menu command to access the Income Statements, go to column F which is reserved for last/latest year's actual or anticipated income statement results and enter values in the unlocked (cream, boxed-in) cells.
2.Enter the values in unlocked (cream, boxed-in) cells for the opening balance sheet (*Output > Balance Sheets).
3.After entering all the necessary opening values, press F9 function key (or the C x button) and make sure the opening balance sheet is balanced by viewing the row for CHECK balance sheets balance immediately below the opening balance sheet. If this does not show a zero opening balance, review values entered for the opening balance sheet.

Once the opening balance sheet balances, use the *Tools/Setup > Calculate All & Check menu command to calculate and ensure that no calculation errors arise - see Avoiding Calculation Errors.

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