Entering Assumptions

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Using Exl-Plan > Model-Building Procedure > Detailed Guidance on Generating Projections > Entering Assumptions

Proceed as follows to enter assumptions:

1.Use the *Assumptions > Sales Forecasts menu command to go to Assumptions Report No. 1 - Sales Forecasts.
2.Enter annual assumptions in this report and then work through the remaining assumption reports. Concentrate initially on entering approximate or high-level values with a view to refining them once a full picture starts to emerge.
For detailed, row-by-row guidance on entering assumptions, refer to the appropriate topics within Guidance on Entering Assumptions.
Make use of Exl-Plan's special facilities for entering constant and variable annual values (*Assumptions  >Constant Assumptions etc.) and their toolbar buttons. See Fast Entry of Assumptions.
3.Save the file frequently and make regular back-up copies.

Note the following:

Explanatory notes can be added to individual assumptions using Excel's Insert > Comment.
Use blank rows below assumption reports to build up detailed schedules, lists etc. and then use simple cell referencing to plug their total values into the appropriate assumption areas.

See Plugging New Variables into an Existing Variable and Extending the Power of Plugging In for further information on this simple but powerful technique.

Note that calculation errors may be indicated whenever the model recalculates using the *Tools/Setup  >Calculate All & Check menu command or the C button. These can be safely ignored until all the assumptions and opening balance sheet data have been entered.

See also the Online Tutorial on How to Get Started.

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