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Delete a row only where strictly necessary as this may require adjustments to numerous formulae in several reports. Instead, consider hiding the row or let Exl-Plan suppress its printing (using *Tools/Setup > No Empty Rows Printed).

In most circumstances, it is likely to be much simpler and quicker to create specially tailored reports as described in Changing Report Layouts than to modify Exl-Plan's existing output reports by deleting rows.

The procedure for deleting rows is indicated below.

1.Save the unaltered model.
2.Delete the first row, calculate using the F9 function key and then proceed to search column-wise throughout Exl-Plan for #REF signs.
3.Locate the first formula initiating an error, remove references to the deleted row within this formula and recalculate.
4.Continue this search process until the model is error-free as confirmed by the Check Balances Report in the Check worksheet.
5.Delete the next row and repeat the foregoing procedure for locating and removing any errors.

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