Completing the Projections

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Using Exl-Plan > Model-Building Procedure > Detailed Guidance on Generating Projections > Completing the Projections

To complete the projections:

1.Re-save the file and make a further backup copy.
2.Initial projections have now been completed and the appropriate reports and charts can be viewed on the screen or printed.  Assumptions can be fine-tuned and the resultant projections can be subjected to critical examination to determine their veracity etc. Be watchful for the following:
Undesired blips in the cashflow projections arising from unsound assumptions about the credit - see Notes 1 and 2 in the Cashflow Projections and review Assumptions Report No. 7 - Year-End Credit Balances.
Data-entry errors like entering 300 instead of 3,000.
3.Save the updated model and make a backup with a new file name.
4.If desired, do some sensitivity analysis (see Doing Sensitivity Analyses) and resave the results with a new file name.

At any stage, you can view a summary of projections at the Dashboard (*Output > Dashboard or "bullseye" toolbar button) or Textual Summary Report (*Output > Textual Summary).

See also the Online Tutorial on How to Get Started.

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