Changing Report Layouts

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Where special report layouts must be used for presentation purposes or to conform with in-house styles, the simplest solution is to insert additional worksheets containing these new reports laid out exactly as desired and incorporating simple cell reference formulae (e.g. +A10) to link back into cells within existing Exl-Plan reports. This approach completely avoids the need to make any structural changes to Exl-Plan's existing output reports. The Summary and Textual Summary Report are examples of this type of easily constructed report.

Using this approach, it is very simple to construct reports in foreign languages which utilize the same data as the underlying model.

You may wish to progress to a more powerful version of Exl-Plan for the purpose of generating more detailed monthly and quarterly multi-year projections and to gain access to a range of powerful planning tools for "what-ifs" sensitivity analyses, profitability improvement etc. For detailed descriptions, visit <> and for trial copy downloads go to <>.

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