Assumptions Report No. 1 - Sales Forecasts

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Guidance on Entering Assumptions > Assumptions Report No. 1 - Sales Forecasts

This assumptions report is reserved for sales assumptions. Of all the assumptions entered into Exl-Plan, the sales forecasts could have the greatest impact on the reliability of overall projections. To assess this, consider using Exl-Plan to explore best, most likely and worst cases using different values for sales volumes and/or prices.


Sales (000 units or $000):
Net selling prices ($/unit):
Enter descriptions and annual projections for some or all six groups.

When entering sales data, the model offers the option of entering sales volumes or sales values for these groups. If sales values are being used, enter $1.00 throughout as the notional Net selling prices for that group. It is permissible to use volumes plus prices for one group and values for another group.

When entering Sales or Net selling prices, exclude input/output taxes (sales taxes, GST, VAT etc.) and deduct any discounts allowable and provisions for bad debt..

The units used for Sales and Net selling prices can be reversed from 000s units & $/unit to single units & $000/unit on the basis that 10,000 units at $2.00 each has the same outcome as 10 units at $2,000 each.

If desired, construct a schedule below the report to set out detailed calculations - see Making Simple Changes and especially Plugging New Variables into an Existing Variable.


Total sales ($000):
Based on sales volumes * selling prices or, if volumes were not used, sales values.

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