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Exl-Plan Basic is a powerful, easy-to-use software package for preparing annual financial projections, budgets, business plans etc. for five years ahead. It can also be used as a tool for strategic and corporate planning, business restructuring and financial appraisals within almost any size of business.

Exl-Plan is primarily an XLS workbook file which runs on Microsoft® Excel. As Exl-Plan incorporates extensive formulae and pre-programmed menus and buttons, only a very basic knowledge of Excel is required to prepare highly professional and presentable projections. Because Exl-Plan is an open system, advanced Excel users can utilize their expertise to enhance and expand Exl-Plan to meet their particular needs (see Changing Exl-Plan).

Exl-Plan incorporates a comprehensive range of data entry and planning facilities and features. It is suitable for managers and business people with minimal previous experience of financial or business planning as well as for experienced planners, accountants, spreadsheeters and model-builders.

Exl-Plan Basic is pre-formatted to handle a wide range of the variables and functions normally encountered when preparing financial projections. Based on annual assumptions entered by the user, it compiles fully-integrated financial projections for five years. It produces several pro-forma financial and management reports together with numerous charts for key variables (see Lists of Reports & Charts).

Exl-Plan is easy-to-use because all the formulae for financial calculations are pre-written; reports are pre-formatted and clearly laid out; menu structures follow logical sequences; and online help is available to the user at all stages. For experienced users of Excel, Exl-Plan offers a familiar environment which can be tailored and expanded to meet specialist needs and utilize existing spreadsheet-based data without the need to get involved in any extensive import/export procedures. See Changing Exl-Plan.

The time required to set-up and become familiar with Exl-Plan is less than an hour as compared with the many dozens of hours that would be required to construct a comparable-quality financial model.

To get started, refer to Very Quick Start near the front of the manual for fast-track guidance on installing Exl-Plan; exploring its main features and facilities; and developing an initial set of projections. Ultimately, the best way to learn about Exl-Plan is to start using it in a real situation by entering meaningful assumptions, compiling and reviewing projections, and printing reports and charts.

Aside from the Basic version which handles both UK/International and US/Canadian formats, Exl-Plan is available in seven other versions and in two editions using UK/International and US/Canadian accounting conventions – fourteen variants in total. These versions are much more detailed than Basic and cover projections for months and quarters for three, five or seven years ahead. They all have the flexibility to handle manufacturing, distribution and service businesses and are suitable for established businesses as well as for new ventures and strategic business units within major corporations. They are also ideal for use by professional advisers, consultants, training organizations, financial institutions and enterprise support agencies. See Introducing the Exl-Plan Range.

Users of paid-for versions of Exl-Plan Basic can trade up to more powerful versions of Exl-Plan at a reduced price. See Upgrading Trial Copy & Trading Up.

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