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These instructions should enable a spreadsheet user to get Exl-Plan up and running with minimal initial instruction:

Installation of Exl-Plan
Familiarization with Exl-Plan
Building New Projections


If problems are encountered, refer to Loading Exl-Plan for the First Time or Getting Started with Exl-Plan.

See also the Online Tutorials and Setting Up Excel to Run Exl-Plan.

If Exl-Plan was secured as shareware and subsequently upgraded remotely by PlanWare - Invest-Tech, the upgraded Exl-Plan’s workbook file should be kept safe and intact as the primary master version of Exl-Plan. Copies of this file can then be created and used for normal working purposes.

When loading for the first time, Exl-Plan needs 20 Mb of disk space to enable it to automatically create backup copies (WORKPLAN.XLS and/or TESTPLAN.XLS) during set up. If this space is not available, Exl-Plan will skip their creation.

Exl-Plan must always be installed from the supplied installation disk or downloaded installation file. It will not operate correctly if it is installed by simply transferring an Exl-Plan XLS workbook file from one PC to another.

See Also:

Using Exl-Plan

Guidance on Entering Assumptions

Upgrading Trial Copy & Trading Up

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