Setting Up Excel to Run Exl-Plan

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Setting Up Excel to Run Exl-Plan > Setting Up Excel to Run Exl-Plan

Depending on your setup for Excel, you may need to change Excel's security setting to run Exl-Plan' s macros and access its menus etc. as explained in the following notes:

1.If Exl-Plan appears to load but only its Front worksheet is visible and its special menus do not appear in Excel's menubar, you need to reduce Excel's security level from High to Medium via Tools  > Macro > Security > Security Level as per the two screenshots immediately below.  Once done, you must close Excel and then reload it along with Exl-Plan.


2.If Excel displays a message about enabling macros while Exl-Plan is loading, you must select Enable Macros as illustrated below.

3.If when loading Exl-Plan, Excel displays a message like "The macros in this project are disabled ..... " you need to reduce the security level set within Excel as explained in #1 above.

For more guidance, see the online tutorial about How to Set Up Excel.

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