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Exl-Plan requires Excel (versions 5, 7, 8, 95, 97, 2000 or XP) running with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.

The installation procedure is as follows:

1.Insert the Exl-Plan Product Disk in a disk drive. Use Windows Explorer to locate the executable file EXLPLAN.EXE on the Product Disk. Click on this and follow on-screen instructions to install Exl-Plan’s files into the appropriate folders.
If Exl-Plan was acquired by downloading from the Internet to a temporary folder, the downloaded executable file should be run and its on-screen instructions followed to install Exl-Plan's files into the appropriate folders. If a ZIP file was downloaded, this must be opened to gain access to the Exl-Plan executable.
2.Once installation has been completed, open the main Exl-Plan workbook file EXLPLAN.XLS located in the folder specified during installation. Do this by using Explorer to locate the file and then clicking on it, or access it via Start > Programs > Exl-Plan Basic. In both cases, Excel should run and load Exl-Plan.

If using Excel 2000 (or higher)  make sure that security is set to Medium (via Tools > Macro  >Security > Security Level) before loading Exl-Plan. If this is not done, Exl-Plan will not load properly. For more info, see Setting Up Excel to Run Exl-Plan.

When Exl-Plan starts loading, Excel may display a dialog about macros and viruses. If Exl-Plan was secured from a reliable source or directly from PlanWare, press the Enable Macros button. Note that Exl-Plan will not load properly if the Disable Macros button is pressed. As loading progresses, a further dialog may appear about the location of macros. This can be disabled or ignored. For more info, see Setting Up Excel to Run Exl-Plan.

For more help, see the tutorial on How to Set Up Excel.

3.Once loaded, follow on-screen prompts and then wait a few moments while one (or two) copies of Exl-Plan are created. These copies (WORKPLAN.XLS and/or TESTPLAN.XLS) should be used as your primary working copy of Exl-Plan and for experimentation. EXLPLAN.XLS should be retained carefully as the original master copy.

Exl-Plan must always be installed from the supplied installation disk or downloaded installation file. It will not operate correctly if it is installed by simply transferring an Exl-Plan XLS workbook file from one PC to another.

To uninstall Exl-Plan, press Start and then select Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, and Exl-Plan.

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