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This help is aimed at first-time users of Exl-Plan Basic and at experienced planners and Excel users. It provides detailed explanations on all aspects of Exl-Plan and will ensure that users can make effective use of the package with the minimum of preparation. New users are encouraged to quickly browse through the entire help before using Exl-Plan to gain an appreciation of its overall scope and content. The following typographical conventions are used throughout:

Zzzzz > Zzzzz indicates a menu option

ZZZZZZZ.XLS specifies a file name

Zzzzz refers to a worksheet name

"ZZ" refers to an Exl-Plan toolbar button


The online help provided with Exl-Plan is in two formats as follows:

1.As a HTML Help system which is automatically used if Exl-Plan detects that it is being loaded with Excel 2000 or a later release of Excel.
2.As a WinHelp system which is automatically used if Exl-Plan detects that it is being loaded with Excel 97 or an earlier release of Excel.

In addition, the entire help system is available as a printable manual in PDF format. This can be accessed via Start > Programs > Exl-Plan Basic > Manual once Exl-Plan has been installed or within in the EXLB* folder where you installed Exl-Plan.

Main Contents

The main topics covered by Exl-Plan's help are as follows:

Setting Up Excel to Run Exl-Plan - Essential first step.
Very Quick Start.
Online Tutorials
Upgrading Trial Copy & Trading Up.
Financial Modeling & Business Planning - Introduction to these topics for first-time planners.
Introducing the Exl-Plan Range - Basic information about the entire range for the benefit of prospective upgraders.
Loading Exl-Plan for First Time.
Getting Orientated with Exl-Plan - Familiarization exercises and key features and facilities.
Using Exl-Plan - How to start using Exl-Plan and detailed guidance on model-building procedure.
Guidance on Entering Assumptions - Row by row help on entering assumptions.
Changing Exl-Plan - How to make simple and complex changes.
Support & Assistance.
License Agreements.

US/Canadian and UK/International formats

Exl-Plan Basic handles both US/Canadian and UK/International formats. It automatically toggles spellings, terminology and report layouts from one format to the other via an option within the Basic Model Information dialog (*Tools/Setup > Enter Basic Model Info).

As this help uses American spellings and the US/Canadian format some items need to be "translated" by users when Exl-Plan Basic is set to the UK/International format. The main switches are as follows:

Income Statement becomes Profit & Loss or P&L.

Inventory changes to Stocks

Receivables become Debtors

Payables become Creditors.


When Exl-Plan's format is set via the Basic Model Information dialog (*Tools/Setup > Enter Basic Model Info) it automatically hides unused worksheets as indicated in the table below. These worksheets which can be viewed via Format > Sheet > Unhide... should not be deleted as the US/Canadian worksheets feed data into the UK/International worksheets.

US/Canadian Edition










Other Sources of Assistance

Other sources of help and support for Exl-Plan Basic include:

README.DOC file within the EXLB* folder where you installed Exl-Plan.1
Online Help and Manual for Exl-Plan within in the EXLB* folder where you installed Exl-Plan.1
Frequently Asked Questions for Newcomers and Users at <http://www.planware.org/exlfaq.htm>.
Online demos and other material within Exl-Plan Support at <http://www.planware.org/exlsupport.htm>.

1 Also accessible via Start > Programs > Exl-Plan Basic

In the event of deciding to trade up to a more powerful version of Exl-Plan, note that all these versions are supplied as separate US/Canadian and UK/International editions. Also, note that a separate universal help is available for the Micro, Lite, Pro, Super, Super Plus, Ultra & Ultra Plus versions of Exl-Plan as well as optional printed bound manuals for each version and edition. See Introducing the Exl-Plan Range and Upgrading Trial Copy & Trading Up.

As PlanWare - Invest-Tech has a policy of continual product improvement, the information and data contained in this help are subject to change without notice and do not represent a commitment by the vendor.

See Also:

Setting Up Excel to Run Exl-Plan

Very Quick Start

Online Tutorials

Loading Exl-Plan for First Time

Getting Started with Exl-Plan

Using Exl-Plan

Guidance on Entering Assumptions

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